Video Premiere: Gwen Stefani – ‘Misery’

Gwen may be all about Blakey-Blake-Blake these days, but the ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’ singer is finally getting back to her own music for what we hope is more than a second. This morning, Gwen drops the music video for the third single off of her record – a classic Gwen video that makes you forget all the nonsense lately.

Holed up in a parking garage, Gwen makes the dreary concrete come alive with high fashion look after look in the clip. It’s really a work of art and reminds us all why we love Gwen the solo artist.

Listen. There’s no getting around that Gwen’s comeback has had its faults. Some have been her fault, some have been the public’s fault. ‘Misery’ may be a bit on the lite-side for Gwen, but its visual falls in line with what we usually expect from the platinum blonde beauty.

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