Miley Cyrus Performs On Maya & Marty

Last night, the world was granted another variety show with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short driving the vehicle this time. Whether the show will sink or swim remains to be seen, if they keep churning out surprise guests like Miley Cyrus during last night’s premiere they could have something special on their hands.

In the middle of the night, Miley Cyrus took the stage to sing a twangy version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’. It was a rather subdued performance compared to some of the wild antics Miley is known for. Then, the music switched and off came Miley’s pants to reveal a bodysuit as she charged into Peggy Lee’s ‘I’m A Woman’ with Maya.

A great medley, musically and thematically. It’s moments like this that Miley can escape her pop star title and just sing. She’s tried to break free of those chains before, but she’ll never be able to truly shun pop. Luckily, she’s found a balance that works and allows her to have the best of both worlds. She’s been on her “artsy” grind for a while. It should almost be that time again when she gets back to churning out pop hit after pop hit.

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