New Single: Betty Who – ‘I Love You Always Forever’

She’s back! After taking the second half of 2015 off, Betty Who is officially ready to get back to work with the release of her brand new single ‘I Love You Always Forever’.

At first you’re a bit taken back by the slight sonic switch up on ‘I Love You Always Forever’. There’s still a bit of an 80s feel to the single, but it’s less obvious. Her typical synth-dance sound isn’t are prominent and there’s a little nod to Imogen Heap in the opening lines. Once you start clicking into the new sound and realize she’s veering into more 90s territory, it becomes obvious that she’s covering none other than Donna Lewis’ smash hit from the decade.

It’s unexpected that Betty would launch her next project with a cover, but there’s an audience that is mostly unaware of this song’s existence. Does ‘I Love You Always Forever’ have a chance of reaching a new generation thank to Betty’s cover? We’ll have to wait and see!


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