New Single/Video Premiere: DJ Snake ft. George Maple – ‘Talk’

Ready for another DJ Snake jam to take over the summer? From ‘You Know You Like It’ to ‘Lean On’, anything DJ Snakes drops during the warmer months proves to be a smash. Does he have another banger on his hands with his new single ‘Talk’ featuring George Maple?

Hard to say, to be honest! There’s a different energy and vibe here. Instead of going the typical route and sound you’d expect from him, ‘Talk’ is a full on vibe record. It isn’t until the chorus that we get a hint of DJ Snake’s trademark drop, but even that is hidden under a tropical house beat.

If he can pull off another smash this summer with a song like ‘Talk’, top 40 radio could be in for a whirlwind of change. It’ll be tough for a song like this to break through, but maybe this is exactly what the general public has been waiting for to kick off their summer.

Thoughts on ‘Talk’?

Watch the music video for ‘Talk’ below.


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