New Single: Mike WILL Made-It ft. Rihanna – ‘Nothing Is Promised’

A lot of fans were up in arms when they realized Rihanna simply discarded nearly every song that was publicly talked about, released, or teased before the release of ‘ANTI’. One song in particular, ‘Nothing Is Problem’, was on the top of fan’s lists when it came time to finally listen to her eighth album in full.

Turns out, the song didn’t make the cut for ‘ANTI’. Instead, the producer of the song, Mike WILL Made-It, decided to keep the track and release it as the lead single for his new mixtape ‘RANSOM 2′, adding to the ever expanding list of ‘ANTI’ RIHjects.

Over a trap heavy beat, Ri toss her pop princess crown aside and spits bars (not too bad, we might add!) and lives up to her bad gal title.

Shoppin’ in Paris/We gon’ go shoppin’ in Paris, nigga/They can’t even compare us/They can’t even compare us, we’re worryin’ niggas/Worryin’ niggas/I never did mention that she ain’t comin’/That she ain’t comin’/We swimmin’ in money, we drownin’ in hundreds/I keep a bag with me like tip, blowin’ dollars

Should this have made ‘ANTI’? We can see it having a place somewhere on the album given its harder edge, but it seems a little bit lowbrow compared to ‘Needed Me’ and even ‘Woo’.

Thoughts on the long-awaited ‘Nothing Is Promised’?


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