New Single: Shawn Mendes – ‘Treat You Better’

During the Billboard Music Awards, a short yet mysterious clip that teased Shawn Mendes music would arrive imminent aired and sent the Mendes Army in a frenzy. Cut to two weeks later, we’re finally greeted with his new single, ‘Treat You Better’ and the start of a brand new area.

Falling in line with the kind of sound we expect from Shawn, the teen sensation duplicates the exact vibe and sound that made his breakout single ‘Stitches’ a worldwide hit as he professes his love for a girl who can’t quit the bad boys.

Cause I know I can treat you better than he can/And any girl like you deserves a gentleman/Tell me why I be wasting on all your wasted time when you should be with me instead/I know I can treat you better/better than he can

Despite being a carbon copy to his previous material, there’s a bit of a breezy quality that makes ‘Treat You Better’ a summer ready single. Shawn should have any problems starting his new album on a high note with this track.

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