Allie X Shares ‘Purge’ From ‘CollXtion II’

As we approach the yet to be announced release date for Allie X’s EP, ‘CollXtion II’, the singer taking fans on a different journey until the set’s release. Instead of going the typical track list, album cover, release date route, Allie will letting fans do all the work in a series she dubs “unsolved”.

What “unsolved” does is give fans an inside look into how ‘CollXtion II’ will be made. From now until the EP’s release, Allie will share demos, finished tracks, live records, and even more for her fans to give feedback on. With that feedback Allie will finalize the EP, thus allowing those who support her to A&R her second ‘CollXtion’.

After the release of her ‘Too Much To Dream’ music video, Allie has shared the first live recording for a track called ‘Purge’. Right now, it remains in its purest form – just Allie on the piano. No doubt that reception to this track will be nothing but positive.

Do you want to see ‘Purge’ make ‘CollXtion II’?


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