Drake Premieres Justin Bieber Remix Of ‘One Dance’, ‘4PM In Calabasas’, & ‘Back On The Road’ on OVOSOUNDRADIO

Last weekend, news broke that a Justin Bieber remix of ‘One Dance’ was ready for release. Cut to tonight’s episode of OVOSOUNDRADIO emceed by Drake, it looks like the remix was more of a Justin Bieber exclusive cover of ‘One Dance’ than anything else.

If you recall, Justin did something similar when ‘Hotline Bling was the song on everyone’s lips. Color us disappointed. We were hoping that the two would come together on the track’s official remix, but we were mistaken! At least the fan-made mash ups will be able to live up to our wildest dreams.

Thoughts on Bieber’s take on ‘One Dance’?


Drake premiered two more brand new songs during tonight’s OVOSOUNDRADIO. The first is ‘4 PM In Calabasas’, a continuation of his popular “time in a city” series, and ‘Back On The Road’ featuring Gucci Mane.

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