Jennifer Lopez Is Las Vegas’s Biggest Showgirl With All I Have

There’s no denying that fact that Britney Spears has changed what it means to secure a residency on the famous Las Vegas Strip. No longer is it a place that former popular acts go out to pasture and attempt to relive their glory days. It’s become a place where artists that are still at the top of their games give the most jaw-dropping performances of their career.

Take Jennifer Lopez for example, Las Vegas’s latest diva to conquer the strip. In a way, it’s always made sense for Jen to set up shop in one of the most electric places in the world. Not known for her live show (after all, she’s gone on one world tour during her seventeen years as a recording artist), it was up to Jennifer to put on the J. Lo show to end all J. Lo shows. Goddamnit did she do that, and then some.

When you walk into a pop star’s show, there’s a certain level of expectations you have in mind. Toss in an exclusive show that you have to go to one spot in the world to see, those expectations grow to new heights and can be tough for a performer to match. While we’re guilty of taking a peak at a few things before entering The Axis at Planet Hollywood, the best piece of advice we can offer is don’t set any expectations when you go see All I Have. It’s tough, but doable. Even if you can’t help it and develop some sort of idea about the show, don’t worry. Jennifer is more than ready to make you forget all about them the second the curtain opens.

The thing that makes All I Have such a success and a joy to watch is the familiarity of it all. There’s isn’t a single thing that J. Lo hasn’t done before that isn’t in the show (sans a cover or two, including a touching rendition of ‘I Hope You Dance‘ dedicated to her twins). You’ve got the glitz, the glamor, the high energy, and the fashion. Even the way the show is sectioned off is similar to the Dance Again World Tour – Glam, Latin, Hip-Hop, Dance, Burlesque, and minor slow moments are all present yet again.

The one thing that sets all of that familiarity apart of the Dance Again World Tour is Jen’s attack and passion. From the second she kicks off the show with ‘If You Had My Love‘ until she climbs back on her crescent moon at the end of ‘On The Floor‘, she doesn’t let up for a moment. Everything exists at a level of 200%. It has to in order to work and J. Lo knows how to exceed that each and every night she takes the stage.

Even with her focus on the show, there’s still many chances for Jennifer Lopez to strip back the J. Lo facade and connect with her fans. One minute, she’s flirting with the audience and the next she’s bringing you to tears with stories about her kids. With these moments, you realize that it’s more than a show; it’s an experience.

It’s hard to pick out a highlight from the show. Everything works hand in hand to give one of the best pop shows you’ve ever seen.

Off the top of our heads, ‘Girls‘ still sticks out to us the most. J. Lo doesn’t have to try hard to be sexy, but boy did she up the ante (and we’re sure a few other things) as she embodies the true meaning of what it is to be a showgirl during this number.

Feelin’ So Good‘ was a great, laid back number that reminded us of why we fell in love with the girl from the Bronx. ‘Let’s Get Loud‘ was another solid one that managed to embody everything about Jen, Vegas, and Latin America all into a five minute performance.

Perhaps what was the smartest choice of the night was saving all her dance cuts (‘Tens’, ‘Waiting For Tonight’, ‘On The Floor’, ‘Dance Again’) for the Rave section at the end. Each song blended into each other seamlessly as Jen packed up her show on such a high that begged people to continue raging into the wee hours after the curtain closed.

Despite the show being a 10/10, it does have its faults (chock these up to personal preference though).

In large part, any material from ‘A.K.A‘ is absent from All I Have. ‘Booty‘ makes a brief appearance, but it’s the one song from her set that you shouldn’t be asking for more of. ‘Play‘ is still getting overlooked after all these years, but we recognize that it would have been a tight squeeze to get it into the smoothly, crafted show (perhaps in the dreadfully long Funk section?).

To bring Britney back in the mix, there were certain technical elements that we wished would have appeared in All I Have that are rooted in Piece Of Me. For example, the screens that line the theatre walls. For Britney, they’re pumping watt after watt of electric energy with cutting edge graphics throughout her show. For Jennifer, they lay dormant. Did Jen need them? No way, but what’s a little extra icing on the cake going to hurt?

Above all, the most disappointing part of the night was that there was zero reference to Selena. A Celia Cruz number was thrown in, but how about the woman that Jen played and essentially launched her career? We’re sure some of the theatrical covers would happily have given up their spot for a Selena medley.

No matter what could have or should have been in the show doesn’t take away the fact that Jennifer Lopez currently has the most exciting and thrilling show on the Las Vegas Strip. Any time someone sets up shop in the desert, they claim they’ve been preparing for a show like this their entire life.  Jen has said this and we believe her after viewing All I Have. She may not be the pop star for everyone, but you can bet that her show caters to everyone it possibly can.

If you’re a pop music fan or love a good show full with theatrics, you’re going to want to make it a priority to flock to the Strip and see Jennifer Lopez in All I Have. Don’t miss your chance to catch one of the last great performers of our time.

Jennifer Lopez will be performing All I Have at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in June, July, November, and December. Buy your tickets to All I Have here.

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