Kanye West (Sort Of) Drops The Lead Single From ‘Cruel Winter’

Take this with a grain of salt, y’all know how Kanye operates. Just months after the release of ‘The Life Of Pablo’, Kanye is setting his sights on his next project – the long awaited sequel to the G.O.O.D. music compilation album ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Cruel Winter’.

On Friday, Kanye visited 92.3 to “premiered” the album’s lead single rumored to be called ‘Champions (Round & Round)’. Featuring nearly every major rapper you can think of, the song does not skimp out on guests – Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Desiigner. Do all these names make for an out of this world banger? Hardly. The best verse comes from Big Sean which isn’t a shock, but Kanye has said this is only half of ‘Champions’. Yes, that means there’s six additional minutes that we haven’t heard yet.

Take that as you will, but it looks like things are relatively on track for ‘Cruel Winter’. Does ‘Champions (Round & Round)’ get you psyched for the release or are you looking for more?


The full version of ‘Champions’ has been made available worldwide on iTunes and other platforms! Still no twelve minute version – could that be on the way next?


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