New Single: Elle King – ‘Good Girls’

Like it or not, Ghostbusters is pegged as one of the hottest comedies of the summer. Keeping up with the theme of female empowerment, it only made sense to have a female chosen to deliver the first single off the movie’s soundtrack.

Enter Elle King, female rock extraordinaire, to lend her vocal for ‘Good Girls’a bloody good track that embodies the energy and spirit surrounding the Ghostbusters remake.

You can be like me but I’m a real brat child/I do, what the good girls don’t/I do, what the good girls should never ever, never ever do/Hey hey hey/Since I’m gonna go to hell anyway/I’m going with a bang bang bang/Crash and burn it all away

Nothing like a hell raising, fist-pumping foot-thumper to compliment one of the most talked about movies of the year. We’re sure all the misogynistic men against the movie should have an even bigger field day with this song.

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