POPTalk: Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’

Ariana Grande had the cards stacked against her with the underperformance of ‘Focus’, but she came out on top with her flawless third album ‘Dangerous Woman.

It’s been a bit of a lead up to ‘Dangerous Woman’. Once called ‘Moonlight’, the album was slated to come out at the end of 2015. Then, Ariana fired Scooter Braun as her manager and listened to her gut when it came to creating her third record. Thank god she did (seriously, no one wanted a ‘My Everything’ 2.o). Could you imagine living in a world without this solid 15 track album?

Like never before, Ariana has won us over with ‘Dangerous Woman’. So we banded together and to talk about why we were so impressed with Ariana’s latest effort, some major highlights from the record, what singles she could release throughout the era and so much more.

Tune into the latest episode of POPTalk below to watch us dive into Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Dangerous Woman’.

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