Paris Hilton: 10 Years Of ‘Stars Are Blind’

You guys. We’re on the cusp of a major pop music milestone. This week marks ten years that Paris Hilton began her career as a recording artist and released her debut single, ‘Stars Are Blind’, from her debut album ‘Paris

What a time to be alive when this Fernando Garibay masterpiece made its way onto top 40 radio in 2006. With a hint of reggae and Paris’ breezy delivery, she took the first step into creating her multifaceted career at the height of her popularity.

Even though the gods are crazy/Even though the stars are blind/If you show me real love baby/I’ll show you mine

Paris dabbles in music; it isn’t her prime focus. After all, she’s a business, brand, and personality. There’s only so much attention she can give to one thing at a time. It really is funny that a song as great like this will forever be attached to a person like Paris Hilton. And what a smart, sexy, and memorable note for her to start out on.

Clocking in at just under four minutes, there isn’t just one thing that’s magical about ‘Stars Are Blind’. Everything from Garibay’s impeccable production to Paris’ breathy vocal performance to the song’s lyrical story, there simply isn’t a better single from a reality TV star masquerading as a pop star. We challenge you to find us a Drag Race contestant or a Real Housewife who could hold a candle next to Ms. Hilton’s flawless debut.

Stars Are Blind’ is so great, it needed two music videos! The first captures Paris and a love interest in black & white and colored beach shots and Paris in a various forms of swimwear (that purple one piece – iconic!). The second carries much more of a narrative. Paris plays into her temptress side and does what she does best…takes control of a photoshoot and really shows you how to work a camera.


We get it – Paris Hilton is not for everybody…except ‘Stars Are Blind’ is for everyone. Check out some of the biggest pop stars ever to have lived speak highly of ‘Stars Are Blind’.

And I always thought ‘Stars Are Blind’ was one of the greatest records ever. Quite honestly – it’s a great pop record.

-Lady Gaga

Fuckin’ a, Gaga. Speak that truth.

There will never be another Paris Hilton and there will never be another ‘Stars Are Blind’. There’s a reason why she and the song are iconic. They both represent a certain time in pop culture and will go down in history for being timeless. And peaking at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Sadly no other single has lived up to the high that was ‘Stars Are Blind’, but Paris keeps churning out yearly release after yearly release. Keeping in line with her first single ever premiering in the summer, Paris has released a new single every summer for the past three years.

Here’s to turning up ‘Stars Are Blind’ until Paris drops her new single later this summer.

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