Video Premiere: Justin Bieber – ‘Company’

It’s official – the ‘Purpose’ era is a wrap. How so? Well, it’s extremely telling thanks to the late and lazy ‘Company’ music video that Justin Bieber just dropped for his latest single.

First off, this is two months too late. ‘Company’ is dead and gone and there’s no bringing it back (which is unfortunate because it had all the makings of being at least a top ten hit for the Biebs).

Secondly, why tack this footage onto ‘Company’ after it’s clear that it’s over? The dance video from the Purpose: The Movement series was more than fine and actually a fantastic visual for the single. Why after all this time and resisting to film music videos for ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love Yourself’ did we need a lookback on how ‘Purpose’ was created?

So many questions, so many disappointments, and not enough answers.

Thoughts on Justin’s overdue ‘Company’ music video?

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