Fergie Drops The ‘Hungry (1st Byte)’ Music Video

Two weeks ago, Josh Duhamel revealed that Fergie would drop ‘Double Dutchess’ within ten days. Well, ten days have come and gone and there’s no Fergie album.

However, Fergie and her team have mysteriously uploaded the full visual of the song she teased on Twitter not too long before Josh’s faux reveal. The song is called ‘Hungry (1st Byte)’ and it looks like it’s slated to be the intro on her long awaited sophomore album.

What does this all mean? Is the album hours away? Is Fergie ready to launch the album’s campaign? Will we getting music little by little? Is ‘Double Dutchess’ a visual album? With zero acknowledgement over the video’s upload from the singer on social media, we’re left in the dark and the mystery surrounding ‘Double Dutchess’ continues!

Thoughts on this latest release?


Hungry (2nd Byte)’ has been uploaded to VEVO!

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