Littlebabyangel and Hudson Mohawke Share A Demo For Rihanna’s ‘Anti’

The list of songs that Rihanna recorded and ultimately left off of ‘ANTI’ seems to be endless. Take into account the just-shared demo Littlebabyangel and Hudson Mohawke.

Earlier today, Littlebabyangel took to Twitter to, essentially, TBT that time he and label mate, Hudson Mohawke, teamed up to submit a song for Rihanna’s infamous eighth album.

It’s said that Rihanna ultimately rejected the demo, yet we can’t help but to wonder why. A majority of ‘ANTI’ is mellow and chilled out and this demo fits the bill. You can almost hear Rihanna’s kill that hook once it comes in on this untitled demo. However, the fact is that the sonics just don’t fit in within the final product that Rihanna molded.

Could Rihanna bring this back from the dead? Hardly. According to several media outlets, this demo has been reworked and belongs to Anohni now.

Rihanna is known for rejecting obvious songs that seem tailor made for her. Does this demo fall into that category?

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