New Single: The Veronicas – ‘In My Blood’

The bitches are back! It’s been a little less than two years, but it didn’t take long for The Veronicas to come back with a vengeance. Today, they launch their new single ‘In My Blood’ around the world – a song the sister says is about “that elated, euphoric feeling of love at first sight“.

Well, let’s start this off by saying this is quite the difference from their comeback single ‘You Ruin Me’. In an almost sonic switch up, The Veronicas revert back to a dance-pop sound that they introduced nearly a decade ago with ‘Untouched’. Over a breezy, EDM beat, the girls sound stylist as ever as they fall head over heels immediately for someone they’ve just met.

We don’t have to wait all night/To know if this is really love/We don’t have to wait all night/Cause I can feel you in my blood/In my blood

Some SERIOUS song of the summer potential here! ‘In My Blood’ is getting a worldwide release and push – could this be the second chance The Veronicas have been waiting for?

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  1. Brad says:

    fucking awesome

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