Dawn Richard Goes Intergalactic For The ‘Not Above That’ Virtual Reality Music Video

Just last week, Dawn Richard released her high fashion film for her current single ‘Wake Up’. It didn’t take long for the ‘Redemptionheart’ singer to one-up herself with today’s premiere of the virtual reality music video for ‘Not Above That’.

Teaming up with VR Playhouse, Dawn revealed the inspiration behind her latest visual treat as well as the way she brought it to life with WIRED.

Originally thought out as a 2-D video where viewers would be transported to space, it turns out VR Playhouse suggested the VR idea to Dawn and the two parties thought it was a perfect fit to get the story of the video out to the world.

Instead of just shooting people in 360, we wanted to make you feel presence in another dimension. Instead of a VR piece that’s just images, we want to add storytelling to that platform. We had to get away from fluidity and do sharper movements so that people could read the timing. Everything has to be way more aggressive: pivots, full turns, shoulder movements, things that were super big.

No doubt that this is Dawn’s best work to date. Starting on a spaceship in the middle of space, Dawn shapeshifts into a alien-being while being surrounded by holographic dancers, exploding asteroids, and a mirrored version of herself. It’s something that you just have to see for yourself.

To read more about the ‘Not Above That’ VR Experience, head on over to WIRED.

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