dumblonde To Channel An Alternative Disco Sound On Their Sophomore Album

Fantastic news, Blonde Mafia! It seems like that dumblonde’s sophomore album is almost ready for release according to Aubrey O’Day.

Back in April, Aubrey revealed that her and Shannon would be playing with a new sound that would be completely different and unexpected from their first album. Now that Aubrey is making the promo rounds for her new E! reality show, Famously Single, the ‘Dreamsicle’ singer is sharing a lot more information about what we expect this second time around.

If anyone has picked up on their promo pictures for their remix album listening party, Aubrey and Shannon allude to a more 70’s aesthetic for their impending era. During a interview with FUSE, Aubrey teased that db2 would channel more of an alternative disco sound and lean away from the EDM sound that ran throughout their debut.

We look at the old, famous disco artists that are incredible. We are playing so much to the old, but in regards in to the new artists it sounds like Mark Ronson’s album or Pharrell’s. Robin Thicke, Daft Punk all play with that area too. It isn’t done a lot and it’s very hard to do well. It’s such a musical time, and there’s a lot of live instruments, we use a lot of vocal production the same way ABBA used vocals. We’ve been so involved in the production and the way that we produce the vocals and even the way we approach our vocals. With the first album, we had a lot of ethereal writing and metaphors, we sang a lot in our head voices, and focused on creating tones and sounds versus pushing other elements of our vocals. We’re taking a different turn and challenging ourselves in other ways.

This direction really makes sense for this duo. A lot of subtle funk influences popped up in nearly half of the songs on ‘dumblonde’ and, as Aubrey noted in the FUSE interview, their producer R8DIO has funk and disco running through his blood.

So how long do we have to wait to hear dumblonde’s new album? With no release date in sight, we can only draw on the little clues Aubrey and Shannon are sharing. They’ll be previewing their new single during their remix album listening party on June 17th and will be headlining Chicago Pride days later on June 19th. Chances are the girls will perform at least a little bit of the single at Pride.

Are you reading for the second coming of dumblonde?

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  1. David Barajas says:

    Omg!!!!! Cannot wait! They are so inovative and unique with their sound and look, i am very excited to see what they come up with for their next album and hopefully garner more attention this time around

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