Little Mix Perform ‘Hair’ On RTL Late Show

It’s a shame that North America hasn’t clued into the fact that Little Mix might be the strongest girl group out there right now. Case in point, their performance of ‘Hair’ on RTL Late Night in the Netherlands last night. Despite the extremely small set up, the girls banded together as a unit to conquer the floor and come out on top!

Performing in a space as small as they did can’t be that easy. You have to tweak and already memorized performance to accommodate the atmosphere. Mistakes can happen. Luckily, all four of these ladies didn’t let their surroundings effect them and pulled of a killer performance. The chemistry was there, the looks were fierce, the vocals were a bit cloudy at times (chalk that up to the sound guy, though), and the dancing was on point (hello, that break down!).

What more could you ask from for a girl group? Drama and jealousy? Perhaps if you’re into another popular girl group – but not this one!

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