First Listen: Allie X – ‘All The Rage’

Get this girl her own Broadway show, stat! As you may now, Allie X is in the midst of constructing her ‘CollXtion II’ EP with the help her fans throughout the summer. Today, the alt-pop artist uploaded a stripped down version of brand new song to her VEVO account – ‘All The Rage’.

Interesting! There’s no doubt that the finished version, if we get the finished version that is, would have a lot more synth action behind it. The thing that’s so striking about the piano version of ‘All The Rage’ is how much it’s reminding us of Lady Gaga when she first started stripping down her material from ‘The Fame’. Raw talent speaks volumes and we saw what happened with Gaga once she had a break out moment. Could the same thing be in store for Allie X?

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