New Track: Bonnie McKee & Vicetone – ‘I Want It All (Remix)’

Last year, Bonnie McKee finally broke free from the shackles of her label and was able to release an EP to hold fans over until she was ready to release her long-awaited sophomore album.

While she’s still prepping that album, Bonnie has teamed up with Vicetone for a remix to the opening track off of her ‘Bombastic’ EP and what a way to breathe new life into the song. Stripping all the gritty, electro-rock tones from the song, Bonnie shape-shifts into a jazzy, tropical induced sound that highlights not only her vocals but her knack for writing killer melodies.

It’s been a struggle for Bonnie to find her sound without being compared to other pop stars that she’s written for in the past. She may be playing a bit too into the current trends with the tropical vibe, but she’s never sounded better than on the ‘I Want It All (Remix)’. Take this and with it, B!


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