Lindsay Lohan To Release A Third Record…Eventually

Where in the world is Lindsay Lohan and what has she been doing with her life? Turns out she’s relocated to the U.K. and has finally decided to focus on her well-being! Good on ya, Linds – we couldn’t be happier.

Despite not appearing on a movie set for quite some time now, Lindsay is still one of the most talked about actresses. So much so that during a Mean Girls screening in Toronto this week, Lindsay was a virtual guest of honor during the event.

At one point during the night, the audience got to ask her questions and one fan in particular asked if Lindsay has any plans to return to music. Apparently she does!

I have to record another album for Universal & Motown and I will.  With that being said, she’s signed to EMI. She’s recording a record, and out of respect for her and her true career choice… which is all she wants to do is make music – I wanna respect her in that lane and stay in mine. I will soon, hopefully. I love making music and I write everyday.

It’s interesting that she brings up the fact that she owes Universal & Motown another record. We were unaware that deal was even intact! If you recall, she released ‘Bossy’ back in 2008 and a string off dance-pop songs – including ‘Too Young To Die‘, ‘Stuck, and ‘Walka Not A Talka – have leaked over the years from a shelved third album.

The bottom line is that this is LiLo we’re talking about. For one, music was never a priority for her. She sort of came up when every celebrity needed to be multifaceted did everything all at once. Secondly, take everything you know about her and apply it to what she just said here. Translation? Take this with a grain of salt. It doesn’t seem like a priority at all for her. Lindsay needs to worry about one thing and one thing only: getting her movie career back on track.

With that being said, we’re still looking forward to the day when we’d gladly play on repeat a new Lindsay Lohan song. At least we’ll always have ‘Bossy’.

Watch a clip below of Lindsay Lohan talking more about her musical aspirations.

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