PARTYNEXTDOOR Taps Kylie Jenner For The ‘Come & See Me’ Music Video

Well, we guess this makes it official! The rumor mill has been churning out details of a budding romance between Kylie Jennfer and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Now that PNO has casted Kylie as his love interest for the ‘Come & See Me’ music video, we’ll just go ahead and take that as a confirmation that the two are an item.

As PNO parties up at a club, Kylie is left at home wondering where her man is and seeing how his night is unfolding between a series of visuals (messages, SnapChat, Periscope?). While it seems like Kylie is the one to go surprise him out at the club, it turns out PARTYNEXTDOOR pulls quite the surprise on her as the clip concludes.

Desperate way to get views for a video or a solid video?

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