POPTalk: Pop, Pride, & Pulse

The tragic event the occurred at Pulse in Orlando, Florida on June 12th have forever changed the LGBTQ community. In times of loss and sorrow, we tend to turn to music to help us through the pain and to cope. Music has an unparalleled power to heal and connect millions of people around the world. It’s one of the most magical things you’ll ever experience.

So we got to thinking – are other people doing the same? Are we all connected right now by the same song to try to deal with the same emotions?

In honor of those who lost their lives at Pulse and to celebrate Pride, we asked a few friends in our community one thing…what song best represents Pride for you and why? In return, we received a handful of amazing stories that we cannot wait for you to share and relate to.

Watch POPTalk: Pop, Pride, & Pulse to hear stories about why Lady Gaga, Kesha, Christina Aguilera, and other artists have helped our friends accept who they are and how they’ve used certain songs to heal.

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