Zara Larsson Previews ‘Permission’, ‘Mississippi’, ‘Funeral’, & ‘Wanna’

With Zara Larsson slated to release her international debut album in September, we should be expecting new music from the up-and-coming pop superstar throughout the summer. ‘Lush Life’ is due to take over in the States, but the rest of her audience has already been consumed by the hit.

What’s a girl to do? Jet back to her home country and preview a handful of songs from the set! During a recent gig in Sweden, Zara performed not one but four new songs from her LP.

All of them really play to her strengths and add to the push already behind the blossoming young star. A track called ‘Permission’ acts like a sister to ‘Lush Life’ and she gets in touch with her sensual side on the Usher-sampling joint ‘Wanna’. Two other new songs – ‘Funeral’ and ‘Mississippi’ – manage to place Zara in a new light. ‘Mississippi’ is darker and more of a mid-tempo than anything coming from Larsson recently. ‘Funeral’, on the other hand, borrows from a lot of different pop styles and mixes them all into one.

Each song is just as big as the other and really give an indication of how massive Zara’s record is about to me. Which song are you feeling the most?






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