Rihanna To Release New Single ‘Sledgehammer’

After such a dry spell if you were to tell us we’d be getting new Rihanna music almost monthly in 2016, we’d call you on your bullshit. Yet that seems to be the reality we’re faced with these days (not that we’re complaining!).

From ‘ANTI’, to ‘VIEWS’, to ‘This Is What You Came For’, Rihanna is everywhere these days and there’s no escaping her grasp. Her pop domination continues in 2016 with the news of a new single called ‘Sledgehammer’.

Over night, an iTunes banner advertising this new single as the first release from the Star Trek: Beyond soundtrack sent fans into overload.


Unfortunately when you clicked the banner, the song doesn’t appear. Chalk it up to mechanical error, but this doesn’t change the fact that new Rihanna music is imminent. The new Star Trek movie comes out on July 22, so at the very most, we’d have to wait a month for the song.

Is this a brand new song for the soundtrack or something dug up from the Rihanna archives? It turns out this is something most likely recorded for ‘ANTI’ almost two years ago.

That rules out the slim chance this could have been a cover of Fifth Harmony’s ‘Sledgehammer’. So what’s could Ri’s new track sound like? Could this be a generic power ballad? Is Rihanna reverting back to pop? Will this keep in line with her left-of-center sound?

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