Selena Gomez Close To Completing Her Third Solo Album

Over the past year, Selena Gomez has positioned herself as one of the strongest and most reliable females in pop. No matter what she does or what she releases, it turns to gold.

For the better part of the year, Selena has been very open about the fact that she’s been working on new music only a handful of months after the release of ‘Revival’. Even before the start of the Revival Tour, Selena shared that she would be bringing along her team on the road to create music and that a new album later this year isn’t out of the question.

By now, we’ve all heard ‘Feel Me’ and she’s got about a month to go until her North American leg wrap sup and she jet sets all over the world until December. With half a year of touring left to go, you can imagine our surprise when we saw Selena tweet earlier today that her and her team were “very close” to completing work on “#SG2”.

Half the shock came from the blatant disregard for ‘Stars Dance’ and the rest due to the fact that Selena could be releasing a new single as early as this fall. Could an album actually surface in Q4 in time for the holiday season? It’s possible – most of her touring will be finished by then sans a a handful of dates in December and she did tease that new music would be featured during the Revival Tour.

Could Europe be the first to hear some more new music? Will ‘Feel Me’ be the lead single? Will that Selena reign ever let up? Time will tell – but we can’t wait for the start of her third solo era.

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