Dawn Richard Releases A 2D Version Of The ‘Not Above That’ Music Video

Earlier this month, Dawn Richard took her artistic vision to new heights by teaming up with WIRED to create a virtual reality experience for her single ‘Not Above That’.

Cut to this week, Dawn has followed up her boldest visual to date with a 2D Companion Piece to the ‘Not Above That’ VR Experience. Dawn’s latest falls more in line with the visuals we’ve come to expect from her. A lot of the same elements appear from the VR version – Dawn singing the track in the studio (which we could have done without) cut in between out of this world clips of Dawn as an alien pop star (which are far more intriguing as a concept).

Upon the video’s release, Dawn shared that throughout the Red Era we would be getting multiple videos for a song that allow it to shine in a different light. She’s just getting started…expect a hell of a lot more visuals from Dawn throughout the year.

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