Hilary Duff Working On “Darker” New Music

The topic of Hilary Duff’s music career is a sensitive one for fans. One minute, she’s releasing smashes. The next, she’s hints that she’ll be giving up music forever. It doesn’t help that she’s no longer with RCA Records either.

So what goes on? Will we ever hear a new Hilary Duff single, let alone an album? Will she completely concentrate on acting from now on?

It’s safe to say that acting will always be Hilary’s #2, right behind being a mom. Luckily, fans can breathe a sigh of relief because Hilary is continuing to work on music!

During a series of interviews this week to promote her partnership with Stella Artois, the topic of her music career came up and she shed some light on where she’s heading next, artistically, to AOL.

Music is such a part of my life and my makeup, though, that I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it. I just don’t think it’ll ever be on the scale that it used to be. I was in the studio a week ago just messing around, though, and I’m working with a new manager, so it’s definitely still going on. It’s just a little bit on the back burner.

A small glimmer of hope, right? Vague, at best – but given that we’ve all accepted that Hilary and music would never appear in the same sentence ever again. Luckily, Hilary shared with E! News that the sound she’s messing around with in the studio is a little bit darker than the material she’s released in the past.

I was in the studio a few weeks ago, and I tend to do this a few weeks before filming…Just during the season it kind of helps me get excited for the possibility of making a new record or having something to play people. It’s a bit of a darker tone. The one I teased [on Snapchat] is called ‘Tied to You.’ It has a little big of a heavier, darker sound. But it changes all the time.

Hilary is really in a place where she can do whatever she wants. She’s accepted her place in the music industry and that kind of freedom can allow her to release some of the most authentic material possible. If she’s experimenting with something a little heavier, then we’re all for this new sound!

Despite no release date in sight, are you looking forward to new Hilary Duff music?

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