Kanye West Premieres The ‘Famous’ Music Video During A Live Event In L.A.


Love him or hate him, Kanye West has truly outdone himself with the ‘Famous’ music video. Premiering it during a live event at The Forum in L.A., the music video (which really should be called an “art film”) was streamed last night for everyone all over the world on TIDAL and then placed on the platform as an exclusive.

Running over the five minute mark, the visual eerily depicts Kanye and a variety of other celebrities (Rihanna, Kim, Taylor, Ray J, Chris Brown, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour) naked in bed together. Lo-fi of each celebrity blissfully sleeping before the camera pans out into a biblical-esque mural.

Like all things that are restricted to TIDAL, the video has made its way onto other platforms this morning. You’ve all heard about it by now and you’ve seen the images. Many publications, including The Fader, are reporting that Kanye’s commentary on vouyerism and celebrity was inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s Sleep – an artist who’s work takes the most obscure idea and brings it to reality with a twist.

It’s an extremely complex, controversial video that is extremely Kanye West. ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is a “gospel” album after all and the way we treat celebrities as holy deities goes hand-in-hand with the album and single’s themes. No matter what you think about Kanye or ‘Pablo’, you have to sit back and admire the dedication and the thoughtfulness that went into this project. Another classic from one of the most brilliant artists who continue to push the lines of creativity.


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