Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar Open Up The BET Awards With A Surprise Performance Of ‘Freedom’

Tonight, The annual BET Awards took place in L.A. to honor African American music, culture, and art. Having one of the biggest albums of the year, Beyonce was expected to scoop up nearly all of the awards she was nominated for throughout the evening. What was unexpected was the electrifying performance of ‘Freedom’ that she opened up the show with alongside Kendrick Lamar.

Standing alongside her dancers, Beyonce and crew stormed that stage like an African tribe to singing the powerful anthem. The most striking, and perhaps unsurprising, part of the performance was all of the details that went into making this a statement. Everything from the water, to the fire, to the African inspired dancing came together to start the evening off on the right note. Then Kendrick comes in and it’s all over from there. Watching them during that last minute is the stuff music was made for. Utterly captivating and a special moment that can’t ever be recreated.

This performance is the stuff that GRAMMYs performances are made of. No doubt that this will end up alongside Beyonce’s numerous iconic moments throughout her career.


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