Kelly Clarkson To Release A New Album In 2017 Under Atlantic Records

Fantastic news! Kelly Clarkson has found a new label and is gearing up to release a new record next year!

After the release of her sixth studio album, ‘Piece By Piece’, Kelly Clarkson was a free agent. No longer was she bound by RCA Records and was able to make any decision imaginable when it came to the future of her career.

So what did the ‘Heartbeat Song’ singer do? Took some time out, had a baby, and came back refreshed and ready for that future. This week, it was revealed that Kelly Clarkson found a new home at Atlantic Records and will release her first record under the label in her multi-album contract in 2017.

In a press release sent out on Friday announcing the deal, Kelly had this to say about her new family at Atlantic:

After winning American Idol there was an arranged marriage that occurred that sometimes worked out and sometimes resulted in the hardest experiences of my life. As an artist, American Idol gave me something that was incredible, an audience and a platform before even releasing music. Although I am extremely thankful to the amazing people that I’ve had the chance to work with, I cannot describe the excitement of working with Julie Greenwald, Craig Kallman, and their team at Atlantic Records. The loyalty, innovation, and creativeness that Atlantic Records has been consistently bringing to the music industry is incredibly exciting for any artist to be a part of! We have already started creating a record that I have been wanting to make since I was a little girl, and a record that fans have been asking me to make for years. Here’s to the future!

What exactly is that record that she’s been dying to make? A soul/R&B record! Kelly is from the south and has quite the set of pipes so her lending her vocals to this genre sounds completely natural and a step in the right direction for her to have a long lasting career for years to come.

No exact release date for the record yet, but it sounds like it should come sometime between Q1 & Q2 of 2017 if she’s already working on it. Can’t wait that song for new Kelly music? You’re in luck! The notorious cover qeeun will be uploading covers of some of her favorite songs over at It might not be much, but it’s definitely something that will help fans tap into that creative energy Kelly is putting into her new record.

Are you looking forward to a soulful Kelly next year?

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