New Single: Rihanna – ‘Sledgehammer’

News broke Friday when a banner appeared on iTunes advertising a new Rihanna single for Star Trek: Beyonce, but no releaes date. Luckily, we only had to wait a handful of days to get Rihanna’s latest single ‘Sledgehammer’.

Co-written by Sia, it was discovered on Friday that ‘Sledgehammer’ was first recorded back in 2014 during the ‘ANTI’ recording sessions. Could it have made ‘ANTI’? No – this straight forward piano ballad falls more in line with the pop sound that Sia has crafted out for the stars she writes for. It’s a great song that shows off how much Rihanna’s vocals have grown, but besides that it’s just another soundtrack single. Miles better than those Justin Timberlake and Pink tracks, though.

Thoughts on ‘Sledgehammer’?

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