Video Premiere: Cruel Youth – ‘Mr. Watson’

It looks like Natalia Kills is still trying to push this whole Cruel Youth band thing. After dropping two buzz singles earlier this year, the “band” have finally decided to drop a music video for the bluesy song ‘Mr. Watson’. Yay?

Primarily, the video focuses on Natalia being a sad, sad girl trying to capture her happiness on a fairly desolate boardwalk. It’s the juxtaposition of sad emotions and youthful imagery that we’ve all seen before, so there’s nothing new on that front. It’s virtually just moody shots for almost four minutes. So there’s that.

It’s really confusing why this isn’t a Natalia Kills project. It seems like an extension of ‘Trouble’ – a poor one at that – so why on earth does this need to be a band when the idea of being a band isn’t even captured in the visual?

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