New Single: Demi Lovato – ‘Body Say’

Y’all ready for Demi Lovato’s sixth record? Fresh off its debut at The FutureNow Tour earlier this week, Demi has officially released her brand new single – ‘Body Say’ – for fans all over the world.

No matter what anyone says, the comparisons to ‘Good For You’ are going to happen. There’s no getting around it. But this is about Demi and her transition into her new sound – and boy is she really going there this time.

You could touch me with slow hands/Speed it up, baby make me sweat/Dreamland/Take me there cause I want your sex/If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away/Touch me, love taste you/If my body truth, baby I would do just what I want to

The most impressive thing about ‘Body Say’ is how this sultry, R&B vibe sounds like a natural next step for Demi. She can only be the bad-ass, pop-rocker chick for so long. It seems like this kind of style of music has been dying to get out here. Frankly, she’s never sounded better.

Are you loving the reinvention of Demi?


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  1. Maddox says:

    I love it. Though it’s Not exactly rnb. It’s more of midtempo pop. Jennifer paige’s “Crush” comes to mind actually.

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