New Single: Nina Sky – ‘Champion Lover’

Back in 2004, Nina Sky tore up the summer with their breakout hit ‘Move Ya Body’ and then…nothing. After a string of label issues, the duo released a string of albums in the early 2010s. Yet, nothing failed to stick. However, it seems like the tides could turn with their brand new single ‘Champion Lover’.

We’ll give you that this song heavily relies on the tropical house trend, but it’s a sound that’s perfect for Nina Sky and perfect for summer. It’s so perfect that it beckons the magic that gave them their first hit ever.

These girls may not reach the success that ‘Move Ya Body’ had over a decade ago, but they could have a pretty decent hit on their hands with ‘Champion Lover’.

Thoughts on Nina Sky’s latest?

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1 Response

  1. Maddox says:

    Love it, but sounds like their saying, “champion lover, number one SLUT”…..I know it’s supposed to be “slot”, but it’s beyond distracting haha

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