Zara Larsson Releases A Brand New Video For ‘Lush Life’

Sixth time is a charm, right? With ‘Lush Life’ poised to breakout this summer in the U.S., Zara Larsson took it upon herself to freshen up the song for the States by surprise releasing a colorful new visual for her soon-to-be-smash.

Staying true to the original video, the new version of ‘Lush Life’ injects an overwhelming amount of color into the clip to match the song’s vibrant, summery feel.

The most interesting aspect this time around is the inclusion of some pretty tight choreography! Who knew that Zara could pull off an eight-count like that? Not only is her look and sound refreshing at a time where pop desperately need something new, but it’s pretty incredible to see her incorporating something into her artistry that virtually no one else is right now.

Thoughts on the new ‘Lush Life’ video?

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