New Single: John Newman ft. Calvin Harris – ‘Ole’

Calvin Harris is making it a habit lately to reunite with some of the artists that have given him his biggest hits. After conquering the first half of the summer with Rihanna on ‘This Is What You Came For’, Calvin has teamed up with John Newman for John’s reggae-tinged new single ‘Ole’.

Talk about a total turn down from ‘Blame’. Instead of sweating it out on the dance floor, John enlists Calvin for a journey to the islands to sings his praises about a new love. Whether there’s “too much sunlight” on his days or whether he’s losing his cool around this girl, John is positively smitten on this easy. breezy Caribbean infuse jam.

Is it as instant as ‘Blame’? No – but there’s a different vibe going on here. Re-creating their first collab would have been easy, but ‘Ole’ is entirely in its own lane. It’s refreshing that Calvin managed to remove every piece of his DNA from the track to truly let John stand on his own as the star.

Thoughts on ‘Ole’?

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