New Single: Neon Hitch – ‘Please’

It’s been countless years in the making, but Neon Hitch finally has her debut album set for release. Claiming that she’s never been so proud of a project, Neon kicks off the ‘Anarchy’ era today with the gentle ballad and lead single ‘Please’.

Neon’s struggles with the music industry have popped up in her songs for quite a while now and ‘Please’ is no exception to that. Instead of outright targeting those who have done her wrong, Neon bookends the song central message of acceptance with two raw audio clips about her love of music.

All I need, need is you to love me/Love me for who I am/Please, please, please don’t judge me/And just be my lover boy just be my friend/Give me the realness no need to pretend/I’ve made mistakes and I’ll do them again/But if you love me you’ll love who I am

A solid note to start her long awaited debut album on! Thoughts?


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