New Single: Olly Murs – ‘You Don’t Know Love’

Olly Murs is back – and in a big way! After taking the time during the first half of 2016 to work on his fifth solo album, the English singer has finally returned with what is quite possibly his biggest single to date, ‘You Don’t Know Love’.

Think of ‘You Don’t Know Love’ somewhere between Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘E MO TION’ and the verses on Fifth Harmony’s ‘I Lied’. Tossing out the funk-throwback sound, Murs embraces a more synth-driven sound on ‘You Don’t Know Love’ as he sings about the pains of heartache.

You don’t know love ’til it tears up your heart/And cuts it and leaves you with scars/You’re still feeling/You don’t know love

As far as we’re concerned, it’s another hit for Olly! Thoughts on his sonic switch up?

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