New Single/Video Premiere: Phoebe Ryan ft. Kid Ink – ‘Dollar Bill’

Still no album in sight, but at least the new music is still coming! As she kicks off her Boyz N Poizn Tour, Phoebe Ryan has released another new single – ‘Dollar Bill’ featuring Kid Ink – for her fans to get to know while she’s on the road all summer.

A shimmery single that finally matches the delicate tone and energy from ‘Mine’. Mixed with a YOLO-driven attitude and some summer-ready synths, ‘Dollar Bill’ finds Phoebe puts her first in the air and sets her sights on the stars as she readies herself for world domination.

I’m living for the pay check/And the love/I’m gonna be a legend/Just because/I’ve been working so hard/To get respect/Wanna wheel/Wanna deal/Wanna feel like a president

Dripping in sarcasm, Ryan’s youthful lyrics and delivery really make the song soar. First time listener of Phoebe Ryan? If you’re a fan of LIGHTS and Lorde, you should be able to welcome ‘Dollar Bill’ with open arms.

Watch the music video for ‘Dollar Bill’ below


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