New Track: Shawn Mendes – ‘Ruin’

Earlier this week, Shawn Mendes shared that his new single – ‘Illuminate’ – would be ready for fans to hear at the end of September. While the record is still over two months away, the Mendes Army is being treated to a brand new song from the album called ‘Ruin’ to hold them over until then.

And it looks like Shawn is still evolving his sound! Stepping even further away from the acoustic-driven pop sound on ‘Handwritten’, Mendes embraces a southern rock sound on the melancholy ‘Ruin’.

And I’m not tryina ruin your happiness, baby/But darling don’t you know that/I’m the only one for you

And ooh, yeah/Do you think about me at all?/And ooh, yeah/Do you feel the same way? Tell me, baby/And ooh, yeah/Do you remember how we felt?/Cause I do, so listen to me, babe

It’s really great to see him recognizing that he needs to go the extra mile on this sophomore album and that he’s willing to try new things to keep things interesting for his die-hard fans and fresh for casual fans.

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