Allie X Releases ‘All The Rage’

About a month ago, Allie X previewed a stripped down version of a song that may or may not appear on ‘CollXtion II’ – ‘All The Rage’.

Leaving fans in purgatory on whether the song will ever be released (after all, fans are guiding Allie along the creative process when it comes to finalizing the material for her next EP), all the mystery behind ‘All The Rage’ was put to an end yesterday when Allie made the track available for release.

Over an assortment of shimmering synths, Allie X is determined to hit the big time, with stars in her eyes, as she cheekily alludes to her obsession with being famous.

-jected, I was rejected/I wasn’t good enough to be elected
Watch me take over the spotlight/I will be all the rage tonight/Watch me shimmy into the light/Filled with fury and starry eyed/I will be all the rage

For one, this could be the best song she’s released yet. There’s something about ‘All The Rage’ that manages to take her tongue in cheek attitude, her vibrant and exhilarating sound, and her raw talent that makes it sound more evolved than anything she’s done in the past.

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