Ansel Elgort Takes A Shot At The Music Industry With ‘Home Alone’

Actors moonlighting as musicians isn’t something new. Triple threats have existed since the Hollywood boom decades ago. But actors masquerading as DJs? Sigh.

It seems that it’s time for Ansel Elgort – one of young Hollywood’s hottest up and coming actors – is ready to toss his hat into the music industry with his debut single ‘Home Alone’.

For the past few years, Elgort has been remixing popular songs but hasn’t released a shred of original music until this week. To be honest, Elgort’s whack at the EDM world sounds like a watered down version of a Calvin Harris joint.

There’s an old saying: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should“. A for effort Ansel, but it might be best to stick to your day job.

Thoughts on Ansel’s debut single?

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