Jewel & Tori Kelly Sing ‘You Were Meant For Me’ On Greatest Hits

Conceptually, ABC’s new show ‘Greatest Hits’ sounds sort of silly. Artists from the past come back to collaborate with singers from today on some of the biggest hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.

In reality, it’s a brilliant fucking idea – especially when something magical like Tori Kelly joining Jewel to sing ‘You Were Meant For Me’ happens.

Whoever booked these two together needs to book every other performance on this show from this moment on. The two were matched so perfectly, it’s borderline sickening.

Tackling one of the biggest heartbreak anthems from the 90’s isn’t an easy task (especially when you just start talking as the song begins it’s upward trajectory), but Tori was nothing but calm, cool, and collected as she did the song justice next to its creator. Absolutely lovely and breathtaking.

Are you reaching for the tissues after Tori & Jewel’s performance?

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