Miguel & Jay-Z Release Black Lives Matter Anthems

Give the state of the world these days, there’s no getting around the fact that many of us are in trouble. After countless unnecessary shootings all over the U.S. this week between the black community and those that are supposed to protect and serve, we can only hope that the conversation surrounding these events will help things come to a head.

Thankfully, we have artists that are using their platforms for good and expressing not only their thoughts, but the thoughts of their entire community, through music.

Between all the bloodshed and all the tears, Miguel and Jay-Z have released two separate Black Lives Matter anthems. Miguel takes a more inquisitive nature on ‘How Many’ as he questions the unfortunate reality that the world has become and asks everyone to band together to make a change.

And then we have ‘Spiritual’. his first solo track in years, Jay maintains his faith in finding as he prays for a peaceful solution to all the brutality that has been affecting those in his community in light of the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings.

Thoughts on each song?

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