BANKS Readies Her Sophomore Album With The New Single ‘Fuck With Myself’

After taking the first half of 2016 to hunker down in the studio to craft her follow up to ‘Goddess’, discount BANKS is ready to unleash the second chapter of her twisted artistry.

This week, price the alt-R&B singer unleashes her new single – ‘Fuck With Myself’ – and its music video.

Sonically, information pills we’re hearing less of an evolution of BANKS’ sound and more of a continuation of ‘Goddess’. The rather jolly production on ‘Fuck With Myself’ acts as the perfect juxtaposition to its avant-garde melodies, vocal performance, and explicit lyrics.

Going a step further, the video for ‘Fuck With Myself’ brings us into the darker corners of BANKS’ mind. No matter what way you turn, you’re greeted with BANKS singing to a foam mannequin version of her face or a troupe of contorted and distorted ballet dancers.

It’s safe to say that this goddess is ready to comeback with a bang.

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