Britney Spears Finally Shares Her New Single ‘Make Me’

Thank Godney! After a few delays, a steady stream of music video leaks, and virtually zero acknowledgement from Team BritBrit, Britney Spears has gone and surprise released her brand new single – ‘Make Me’ featuring G-Eazy – from her forthcoming ninth studio album.

If you’ve heard the leak, you’ve got the gist of the first minute of ‘Make Me’ – Britney coo-ing over a fairly minimal urban-infused electronic beat about temptation, watching from the shadows, and how bad she wants to you make her ‘oooh’.

And really that’s what the entire song has to offer – a chilly, moody atmosphere that positions Britney at her most forward thinking since ‘Hold It Against Me’.

Just want you to make me move/Like it ain’t a choice for you/Like you got a job to/Just want you to raise my roof/Something sensational/And make me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

Known for her attention-getting, full throttle singles, it’s refreshing for her to veer left and something that you wouldn’t expect from the Britney as of late. As for the G-Eazy feature? Well, Britney’s had worse features.

Mark our words, ‘Make Me’ has all the makings of becoming a hit for Britney – it’s not the typical dance floor banger she kicks off eras with. Instead, it’s a lot more hearty for the Britney Army and pop fans to sink their teeth into.

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