Katy Perry Surprise Releases Her New Single ‘Rise’

POP EMERGENCY. Not only is one big name in pop releasing a brand new single today, but we have two.

Yes – you’ve heard right. Katy Perry has kick started her new era with the thunderous new single ‘Rise’.

And well – what a peculiar new single to kick off an album with. ‘Rise’ veers so far off from the formula that Katy Perry typically follows that it’s a little tough to keep up with at first.

Gone are the crunchy guitar and generic Dr. Luke production. In their places are bone chilling synths and pulsating drums that accompany the tale of perseverance and strength.

I won’t just survive/You will see me thrive/Can write my story/I’m beyond the archetype/I won’t just conform/No matter how you shake my core/Cause my roots they run deep

For one, where was this direction on ‘Prism‘? We can see hints of some of the bonus tracks from Katy’s last album hinting at this new sound now that we hear ‘Rise’, but what could have prompted this “darkness” that we were prompted three years ago?

Could it be her war cry against Taylor Swift? Is this her response to ‘Bad Blood’? Time will tell..

Thoughts on Katy’s new single?


Listen to ‘Rise’ on AppleMusic.


Turns out that ‘Rise‘ is the official anthem for the 2016 Olympics! Congrats on the gig, Katy!

For more info, on Katy’s Olympic single, click here. Watch Katy Perry’s empowering visual for ‘Rise’ below.

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